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Tristin Vitriol
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During the interview, I asked Tristin to describe herself just using three words. I wanted to share her answer at the beginning of the interview just to give everyone an idea of who she is.
Tristin answered: Geeky, creepy, fun. Of course.
Artist Statement:
I'm a tiny, purple haired, root beer-eyed alternative model and burlesque performer specializing in glamour, fetish, fine art, artistic, nude, macabre and alternative beauty. I'm geeky, creepy and super fun.
With that said I would like to ask how you got started with modeling and how long have you been in the industry.
I got started on a whim. A friend of mine sort of talked me into it. And once I had my first real shoot, I was absolutely in love. I've been modeling for almost 3 years now.
Your choice of genre is out of the box definitely not mainstream, how did you decide or how did you discover this side of you as a model.
I knew even before my first shoot I was going to be classified as an alternative model. I fit into that category with how I look. I have since kind of narrowed my areas of preference.
What is your favorite category to model and why.
My favorite category is probably macabre. I really like getting to look creepy. I enjoy alternative beauty as well.
Throughout your modeling im sure you have been to many different places, which has been your favorite and what kind of project were you working on.
I've gotten to go to the Triangle area a few times now, and I really enjoy it out there. Mostly because I get to stay with some really cool friends. I shoot with Christopher Donald while I'm out there and usually try to book a few other shoots. Chris and I always shoot really fun, weird stuff. It's my favorite.
Is there anyone who has inspired your work?
I draw my inspiration from a lot of sources. A few of the photographers I've met along my journey have been my biggest inspirations. Christopher Donald being a huge one. Kenny Kivett being another. I've gotten to work with a lot of really cool people, but those two have left lasting impressions on me. We have really good working relationships, and we've worked together many times. It's helpful to grow as a model with people who stay with you to always give you input on how you are or are not progressing.
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Who is your faovorite artist in the industry and why?
I don't have a single favorite artist. I like too many different kinda of artists, who specialize in different genres. I'm kind of all over the board with my tastes.
When at a photoshoot, what do you love most about the experience and what do you find challenging as a mode?
My favorite part of a shoot is the getting to morph myself from everyday into something spectacular. What I find most challenging as a model is probably trying to take on certain looks. Sometimes I feel they don't suit me, and I kind of mentally block myself from giving them all my go. I'm getting past that, but it's taken me some time.
Of all your work, which is your favorite?
My newest clown set from Kenny is my favorite to date I think. I made the entire costume. I made from scratch or altered the entire costume. All of the makeup was done myself. A friend of mine (Walter Beals) cast my fingers and made me these really awesome super long fake nails, which I then taped on and painted down my arms. The outcome was epic. i was really proud of how much I created for that shoot. Plus I stretched for a few months to get into these pseudo contortion poses to add to the feel of the clown I was.
How would you best describe yourself using just 3 words?
Geeky, creepy, fun. Of course.
What do you think your strongest feature is in modeling?
I think my strongest feature is my skin. The shade of it. I really like being as pale as I am. Some photographers don't really like it, but it's been an asset for what I like and want to do.
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This is the end of interview, but I still have some questions for Tristin. I will also ask her to elaborate on a few of her answers as I'm sure you would love to hear more about Tristin.
Image credits:
image 1: Photographer: altSWANK
MUAH: Tristin Vitriol
image 2: Photographer: Christopher Donald
MUAH: Tristin Vitriol
image 3: Photohrapher: Hannah Combs Photography
MUAH: Tristin Vitriol
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