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Part 2 of Tristin Vitriol's interview elaborating on a few of here answers from part 1.
Photographer: Chris Donald chrisdonald.net MUAH: Tristin Vitriol
Tristin: and once i had my first real shoot, I was absolutely in love.
dbc: most people love their first real shoot...can you describe what kind of shoot it was and what did you like most about it?
Tristin: My first shoot was with a friend of my sister's. The business I worked at had just moved to it's new location, but my boss let me go into the old building and use it for the shoot. It was great. Bare white walls, nice over head lighting, and a black and white checkered floor. (I love checkered floors.) Katherine and I shot three sets. The first, I had really planned out. I have a really great naughty nurse costume I'd been piecing together for two years. I had a bunch of really nice little medical tools to play with too. We also shot two lingerie sets. The second being my first topless set. It was pretty cool getting to finally just make my idea a reality.
Tristin: my favorite category is probably macabre.
dbc: can you elaborate on this category more and what attracts you to it so much??
Tristin:Macabre: involving death or violence in a way that is strange, frightening, or unpleasant. (Merriam-Webster). What attracts me to it? It's simply beautiful. A lot of artists who create macabre imagery, put so much passion into it. Some of it is far outside of the normality we have become accustomed to. I love creativity all across the board, but I have an inherent affinity for the darkness of macabre works of art.
Tristin: ive gotten to go to the triangle area a few times now, and I really enjoy it out there.
dbc:"triangle area"? Im assuming this is the Bermuda Triangle? Now this sounds interesting....please tell me more.
Tristin:Hahahaha! No. The triangle area, referring to the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill triangle area.
I like the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area because there are a plethora of photographers and all around industry folk out there. Asheville isn't much for the kinds of modeling I do. I also have a few very dear friends out there, so it's a bonus. Go to shoot, and I get friend time.
dbc: I noticed you love the clown concepts and you create your own wardrobe. How did you get started creating your looks, and how did you discover your passion for these clown concepts?
Tristin:I've been making my Halloween costumes for years. I love sewing and making things, it only seemed fitting for me to create some of my wardrobe. The clown thing, well. I have a clown fetish. And I have had a hard time finding hardly any clown smut. So, I've started amassing my own. It will eventually be released onto the world, but it is still an on-going project for now. ;)
Photographer: Dangerously Dolly MUA: Molly Walsh
dbc: if you could name one thing you like about fetfan magazine what would it be?
Tristin:I really like that there's an interactive site for the magazine. I don't use it much, because I have so many sites I'm on, but I think it's a really great idea. It makes it not so untouchable.
dbc: fetfan magazine is a fetish fine art nude magazine. Which of these do you categorize yourself in and do you have any fetishes that you enjoy modeling?
Tristin:I shoot both fetish and fine art nudes. I have a few fetishes I enjoy modeling. My top two favorite are all of my clown things, and latex. I absolutely can't get enough of clown white, and latex! I also really enjoy other types of fetish fashion, like corsets, high heels, and stockings. I also do enjoy a bit of exhibitionism, so shooting nudes, even the really tame, art nudes that I shoot, is just really freeing for me.
dbc: what's next for Tristin? What's the next shoot if you can disclose and share with us?
Tristin:I have a number of shoots in the works! I'll be shooting promotional shots for my burlesque work. I'm quite excited about that. I'll also be re-shooting that elaborate clown set I previously mentioned. It kind of fell through, so I'll be making it even more exciting. I also have a few shoots lined up to start collecting sets for a might-be site of mine. That's another project still in the works though!
Photographer: Hannah Combs Photography MUAH: Tristin Vitriol
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