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$FETTY White Paper


– Introduction 

– Features 

– Vision 

– Tokenomics 

– Roadmap 

– Marketing 

$FETTY & FettyCoins & FetFan 

– Introduction 

– Verification System 

– Rating System 

– Store 

– Integrated Maps 

FettyCoins & FetFan.com 

– HomePage 

– LiveVideo 

– Clips 

– News 

– Community Members – Community Pages 

– Community Forums 

– Magazine 

– Events 

History & Roadmap

Contact Details



$Fetty and FETTYCOINS.COM’s journey to becoming a reality has been nearly a decade in the making following the founding of FETFAN.COM in late 2012 by award winning streamer, Active Duty Army Veteran, Chief Information Officer/Chief Information Security Officer @theDabbingDaddy. FETFAN pioneered social media integrations, to include connect and publishing apps within its invite only community for nearly a decade. Fast forward to 2020-2021, as an avid altcoin hunter, founder @thedabbingdaddy noticed a hole in the crypto world ecosystem. The increased popularity of altcoins around the world and their increased acceptance by society as a functional currency created an increased market for scammers and phishing sites to take advantage of new and old crypto fans alike. Lack of verification, user group settings and security settings created the perfect environment for scammers to scam. With more than a decade of experience dealing with stolen content, cloned sites, fake profiles, security concerns and app development on FETFAN.COM, @thedabbingdaddy began developing fettycoins.com to help make the cryptocurrency world safer for users of all levels.

 Fettycoins.com’s custom “Blue Check” systems paired with social media integrations will reduce fraud and scams within the Crypto Community! The sites custom user group settings ONLY allows verified profiles to make groups, pages, and other public creation functions. This will reduce the ability for scammers to make fake groups and spam invites to unsuspecting crypto fans. Features such as Full Video and voice calls, group calls, lives, stories, articles, live charts, Smart Contract Audits, KYC, Centralized Exchange integration for more secure trading are all available on Fettycoins.com. In addition to the above settings, Verified Projects will show the verified admins associated with the project which will reduce the ability for scammers to say they are associated with a project they are not and also allow potential users to view what projects the admins may be associated with to assist in their vetting process. Verified Pages have several integrated apps, including an integrated marketplace that allows for direct selling to users for services, merch, memberships, donations and much more. This function will reduce loss for page admins and reduce the risk of loss for the customers.

FettyCoin.com’s mascot, Fetty White, nicknamed “The Scammer Slammer” is inspired by a young Betty White. Growing up surrounded by his grandparents, creator @thedabbingdaddy spent countless hours watching “The Golden Girls” with his late grandmother and has always been inspired by Betty White and her life. Fetty is intended to be smart, feisty, fun, cute and of course the main character of FettyCoin.com’s NFT Collection, marketing, and merchandising collections. Fetty is designed with the popularity of meme coins and merchandising on a global scale in mind. Fetty White’s cute and inviting design makes her the perfect mascot for the “FettyVerse.”

 $Fetty’s initial ecosystem consists of the sites FETTYCOINS.COM and FETFAN.COM as well as POS integrations with a Retail Cannabis retailer, a Cannabis Cultivation facility, a Bar/Restaurant and a Lodging facility. Fettycoins.com’s ecosystem consists of SFW NFT, Marketplace, Content Subscription Platform, staking pools, centralized exchange integration, decentralized exchange, Play-to-Earn Games.  FETFAN.COM’s ecosystem consists of 18+ NSFW NFT, Marketplace, Content Subscription Platform. $Fetty was purpose built with an immediate established use as the primary transactional currency within the Fetty Verse and the ability to expand and be adopted into any size vendor space via Point of Sale integrations. Fair Launched Jan 2022 on the BSC Blockchain. $Fetty’s 1,000,000,000,000,000 Total Supply, 25% Locked for whitebit.com listing, Tokenomics: 12% Total Taxes, 3% Liquidity (Pancakeswap), 3% Rewards BUSD, 3% Marketing/BB (Manual), 3% Community Dev/Team and utility will make it the preferred transactional crypto currency of the future!


Total Supply 

1,000,000,000,000,000 (1Q)

Max Taxes 








Team/ Dev


Contract Dev



$FETTY combats whaling, the situation that can arise with cryptocurrencies where a small number of users hold a large amount of the currency. $FETTY combats  this by limiting sale amounts to a maximum of 0.125% of the circulating supply and max wallet size of 2% of total supply. 

The reward system provides holders of $FETTY rewards. With every transaction, a  small percentage of tokens are automatically transferred to the  PancakeSwap liquidity Pool. 

The buy-back reserve system that $FETTY maintains converts tokens into BNB  and securely locks and stores them in $FETTY contracts.


Q4 2012 

FetFan Founded 

Q2 2013 

FetFan First Issue published

Q4 2013 

PayPal agreement for 18+ Sites

Q4 2013 

Events Page V1 

Q4 2013 

Submissions V1 

Q1 2014 

Website Security Upgrades , Pages, Contests

Q4 2015 

Articles V1 

Q1 2016 

Submissions V2, Events V2, Website Upgrades

Q1 2017 

5K Members, Payment Gateway Upgrade, Core  Site Upgrades 

Q1 2018 

Forums V2 

Q2 2020 

Follow System 

Q2 2020 

Payment Gateway V1, NFT Marketplace V2,  Subscriptions V3, $FETTY Conceptualization 

Q1 2021 

Fund Raising for $FETTY

Q4 2021 

Smart Contract Development

Q1 2022 

Fair Launched onto Pancakeswap 

Q2 2022

Listing on CoinMarketCap, Blockfolio,  CoinGecko 

Q3 2022 

Additional Partnerships With NFT Creators &  Content Curators 

Q4 2022 

Exchange Listing 

Q4 2022 

Achieve $1M+ in Market Cap

Technology behind FETTY 

Verification “Blue Check”

FettyCoins & FetFan's built-in verification process and blue check system was originally  designed for online content creators but now will drastically reduce cases of fraud within the crypto world.  



From just one site, you can view Blue Checked Pages and follow updates for these Team members on all their individual social media accounts. 

By connecting social media accounts to FettyCoins & FetFan, and completing the verification  process, members are able to provide fans, investors and friends a sense of  security in knowing they are talking to a verified account. 

We have all heard stories of coins being copied last minute and scam tokens  stealing millions of hard working investors money.  

FettyCoin is the solution!

Verification “Blue Check” Page Admin Page

Page admin personal page has verified social links, associated pages/projects, verified links
Verification “Blue Check” Page Admin Associated Pages

FettyCoins verification process severely limits the ability for scammers to scam unsuspecting traders. Easily verify project involvement and Vet potential service providers/ services.

Instant messaging, voice, video, group video (zoom like), IM groups (TG replacement)

Games, Play To Earn, HTML5 Integrations

Play-to-earn aims to preserve the features players love, rich graphics, a compelling narrative, strong gameplay, while integrating new business models more typically associated with DeFi staking, trading, lending, and even tournaments offering payouts to top performers.

FettyCoins & FetFan Rating System  

FettyCoins & FetFan has the ability for the community to rate members, creating a community  driven content curation.  

This is extremely valuable for new project managers as they can easily see the  ratings and verification of each account they are interacting with and make sound informed business decisions. 



FettyCoins & FetFan Store 

The FettyCoins & FetFan store allows artists to sell their work, wuch as entrance to streams,  cams, additional social media content, NFTs, merchandise, snaps, clips, images,  and more. 

FettyCoins & FetFan.com will charge no fees for selling in the store. With FettyCoins & FetFan owning the  coin, it allows us to not charge posting fees to the users, only the fees associated  with the blockchain. 

Integrated Maps 

By using maps integrated in FettyCoins & FetFan.com, business and event sponsors can  advertise and promote their shops and events. Any business that accepts  $FETTY will allow the users to purchase their products, services, and sign up for  their events.

Live Video 

The Live Video section of FettyCoins & FetFan is a Zoom-like interface where members can  broadcast Live Video to one or more attendees. 

Using $FETTY, users can join live sessions. Streamers will have the option to  provide private sessions for additional $FETTY

Live Video also allows for Social features so users are alerted to new videos and  streams and allow for reactions with comments, likes, and stickers in the chat. 



The clips section has a video-gallery style layout where videos are organized by  groups such as featured, recommended, and a sortable list of all videos.  

Clicking on the clips brings you to the video where members can comment, rate,  and view the rankings of the video. 

At the top of the Clips page is a section for Sponsored Videos. These can be  promoted to the top of the page by using $FETTY.

Contact Details 



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