By Published On January 11, 2020

AVN Favorite Trans Cam Star Nominee Christina Monroe


FETFAN: Start out with giving us some information about yourself.

Christina Monroe: Hey i'm christina monroe cam model and clip artist trans im in Edison, NewJersey.


FETFAN: How did you get started and how long have you been in the industry? 

Christina Monroe: About 2 years i needed extra money and wanted to show my skill as a sex worker, my cam models friends reference me to a cam site on chaturbate then from there i started uploading vidos clips on manyvids the rest is history a star was born.

FETFAN: Have you ever attended AVN?

Christina Monroe: This is my first time attended AVN im so excited im a nominee for favorite trans cam star category and yes i'll be attending the awards in las vegas wish me good luck.


FETFAN: Will you be attending the AVN expo/awards in Las Vegas?

Christina Monroe: Yes, Im looking forward most to catching up with my adult industry friends and network with website companies attending the events held.


FETFAN: What does being nominated for an AVN mean to you?

Christina Monroe: It means i made it this far and theres no stopping i'm reaching my goals as long my fans support me...


FETFAN: What would it mean to you if you won an AVN? 

Christina Monroe: It means i made it this far and i deserve it i work so hard and my fans would want me to win but everyone is a winner on this category.


FETFAN: Something a little more fun...Do you have any fetishes and how did you discover this side of yourself? 

Christina Monroe: Fuck yeah "big cock and two hot guy's kissing me and gang banging me" high five tag team.






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