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Model Diane Vulpine Interview


Diane Vulpine is a young Model, Metalcore Singer and Makeup Artist from Italy. She was born in Verona, but at the moment is living in Vicenza, and presently studying at the University. She hopes to travel the whole world, loves all Art in all its forms, and during her spare time produces ambient/chillout music.

Photographer Luca Mion


FETFAN: How did you get started with modeling and how long have you been in the industry?

Diane Vulpine: I have been in the industry since 2012. About 4 years ago I posed for my very first time with my ex-biology teacher (his hobby was photography). At that time I was extremely shy but I had a lot of fun.

FETFAN: Your work is definitely unique, how did you decide or how did you discover this side of you as a model?

Diane Vulpine: As I said before, I'm a very shy and not very self-confident girl, but at the same time, in the private, I've always been a passionate sexual woman with a dark side. Modeling helped me become more extroverted and let this dark side of me out of the cage. It also helped me to perceive myself in a positive way and it made me aware of my own femininity.


Photographer Luca Mion


FETFAN: What is your favorite category to model and why?

Diane Vulpine: I love fetish and glamour. Putting on a sexy outfit or even just a beautiful pair of high heels (I love high heels!!!) makes me feel sensual and feminine.

FETFAN: Do you have an hidden talents?

Diane Vulpine: In my spare time I produce music (ambient, electronic, chillout), and I'm also a scream/growl singer in a metalcore band.

FETFAN: Do you ever get shy in front of the camera?

Diane Vulpine: Yes, sometimes! Shyness is part of my personality, but after awhile I don't even think about it,
I'm focused on making my shoot look good (and on having fun of course)!


Photographer Mattia Crepaldi


FETFAN: FETFAN Magazine is an alternative fine art nude magazine, but at the same time allowing artists to express themselves through their art. Fetishes are one of these forms. Do you have any fetishes that you have modeled or personally find interesting?

Diane Vulpine: My kind of fetish is expensive, finest lingerie and latex.

FETFAN: Nudes, fine art nudes, how do you feel about the concept and how do you prepare for this type of shoot?

Diane Vulpine: I respect models who shoot nudes/fine art nudes/met art (for example Suicide girls). The human body is fascinating and beautiful. Unfortunately I don't feel very confortable in shooting nudes, Years ago I tried and ran into a lot of problems because I wasn’t happy with my life and the direction it was going. I am more interested in Alternative modeling, dark edgy, Gothic, Horror, Gore, Pinup, etc...


Photographer Federico Venuda


FETFAN: Throughout your modeling I'm sure you have been to many different places, which have been your favorite and what kind of project were you working on?

Diane Vulpine: My favorite places have been Slovenia (glamour/lingerie shooting) and Norwich (an abandoned factory complex with interesting buildings and graffiti).

FETFAN: Is there anyone who has inspired your work?

Diane Vulpine: All the most famous alt models, for example Chelsey Mac, Cervena Fox, Candice Alice and so on; I’ve also found inspiration from models and photographers I’ve come across and had the privilege of interacting with.


Photographer Roberto Demaria


FETFAN: Who is your favorite artist in the industry and why?

Diane Vulpine: Carli Hermes, Terry Richardson, Gregorio Campos, Billy Bilacous; they bring sexy to a new level.

FETFAN: When at a photoshoot, what do you love most about the experience and what do you find challenging as a model?

Diane Vulpine: Each shoot is exciting. In my opinion every project is a challenge to push my limits and see myself under a new light. I also love when I see all the make up and all the things for hair to get me ready. I feel like a completely different person, a better version of me, sexy and seducing.


Photographer Luca Mion


FETFAN: How would you best describe yourself using just 3 words?

Diane Vulpine: Hard question. I think: sarcastic, charming, passionate.

FETFAN: Five things you can't live without?

Diane Vulpine: My boyfriend Tommy, make-up (especially fals eyelashes), high heels, tea, tattoos.

FETFAN: Favorite movie?

Diane Vulpine: Shit, that's a hard question too. Maybe The sixth sense, Godsend, Django Unchained, Forrest Gump, Sin City, The silence of the lambs.


Photographer Alexander Pellegrin


FETFAN: If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Diane Vulpine: Pizza. Or nigiri sushi.

FETFAN: What do you think your strongest feature is in modeling?

Diane Vulpine: My self-imposed discipline and my professionalism.

FETFAN: At the end of the day when all is done what are you most proud of?

Diane Vulpine: It makes me proud when I look through my portfolio and see my ability to grow daily with everything I do. I'm also proud that I can share this passion with people I care about, especially with my boyfriend who supports me 110% and like no one before.


Photographer Luca Mion




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