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Model Morgan Rose Interview

Photographer Michael O'Neill

Morgan Rose: My work is me in my rawest form. Not only am I unclothed physically a lot of the time, but emotionally and spiritually I am every time. I want people to look at me and see themselves. Their happiness, their sadness, their freedom.

FETFAN: How did you get started with modeling and how long have you been in the industry?

Morgan Rose: I have only been doing it for a little over two years. I opened a model mayhem page in February of 2014 with no intention of doing anything with it, but a photographer named Jeff Fiore had me come up to New York that May (at the time I lived in North Carolina) and had me shoot with him because he saw potential in me. I've been nonstop at it ever since, later that year moving to Manhattan.

Photographer Chris M Day

FETFAN: Your work is definitely unique, how did you decide or how did you discover this side of you as a model?

Morgan Rose: I found myself through my work. It really didn't come out of me until this year, this freedom in front of the camera and this freedom within myself. I'm not sure exactly what did it.

FETFAN: What is your favorite category to model and why?

Morgan Rose: My favorite thing to shoot are artistic nudes in natural light. I feel the most comfortable nude, the most beautiful and myself when I'm creating art. I can't help but look at the camera and connect with it.

Photographer Jason Haven's images

FETFAN: Do you have an hidden talents?

Morgan Rose: I'm a pretty great writer, but that's not exactly hidden from anyone I went to school with. I'm also double jointed nearly everywhere.

FETFAN: Do you ever get shy in front of the camera?

Morgan Rose: I'm extremely shy off camera but in front of it I rarely am.

FETFAN: FETFAN Magazine is an alternative fine art nude magazine, but at the same time allowing artists to express themselves through their art. Fetishes are one of these forms. Do you have any fetishes that you have modeled or personally find interesting?

Morgan Rose: I've shot pet play and with cuffs, leashes, collars, rope. I find bdsm related things fun to shoot and I personally love it (the submissive side of it).

Photographer GPMcGuire

FETFAN; Nudes, fine art nudes, how do you feel about the concept and how do you prepare for this type of shoot?

Morgan Rose: I don't prepare for it in any way. I show up and go off of the vibe between the photographer and I. Based on their vibe it'll change what I bring out subconsciously. The only thing is I rarely eat anything before a shoot. Just personal preference.

Photographer GPMcguire

FETFAN: Throughout your modeling I'm sure you have been to many different places, which have been your favorite and what kind of project were you working on?

Morgan Rose: I live here now, but my favorite trip was coming to NYC for a shoot. I'm from a small town in the south and I'd never seen a skyscraper or heard so many languages. I knew it was home the moment I stepped off the train. I did mostly art nude and fetish work for that trip.

FETFAN: Is there anyone who has inspired your work?

Morgan Rose: A model named Melissa Ann for sure is my biggest influence. She's also the sweetest person ever.

Photographer Magic Imagery

FETFAN: When at a photoshoot, what do you love most about the experience and what do you find challenging as a model?

Morgan Rose: I love meeting a new person, creating with them, making something unique. My biggest challenge is probably how hard I am on myself sometimes for no apparent reason.

FETFAN: How would you best describe yourself using just 3 words?

Morgan Rose: Shy, intelligent, unique? I'm definitely different.

Photographer Magic Imagery

FETFAN: Five things you can't live without?

Morgan Rose: First and foremost, my son. After that, a notebook, a good book, ice cream, and my cat.

FETFAN: Favorite movie?

Morgan Rose: Harry Potter. This is obvious.

FETFAN: If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Morgan Rose: My grandma's baked mac and cheese.

Photographer Dan Smith

FETFAN: What do you think your strongest feature is in modeling?

Morgan Rose: Well everyone raves about my nipples hahaha I think my eyes are the best though. I connect well with the camera.

FETFAN: At the end of the day when all is done what are you most proud of?

Morgan Rose: I came from nothing two years ago and made a hell of a life for myself and my son. I made my dreams come true despite everything.

Photographer Chris M. Day

FETFAN: If you would like to add a few words or anything else you would like to tell your fans please do so.

Morgan Rose: I just want to thank everyone that has shown me real support from the start. There's still so much I will and want to do and I hope you continue to support me along the way.

Photographer Jason Haven

My tumblr is morganrosemodel.tumblr.com IG is @morganrosemodel and my website is morganrosemodel.com

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