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Photographer David E. Martindale Interview

Model Crystal

FETFAN: How did you get started with Photography and how long have you been a photographer for?

David: I got into photography when I found my life had fallen apart around my head. I had to make some major life changes or literally die. Drug addiction threatened to end my life. I found myself going on long walks with a little 2 megapixel point and shoot taking pictures of rocks and leaves and such. It just naturally evolved from there. Becoming a photographer was never a goal of mine. There wasn't a day I decided to be one, but rather a day I realized I had already been one for some time. If I had to ballpark it, I'd say about six or seven years.

Model Niles

FETFAN: What type of camera do you shoot with?

David: The kind that takes pictures. I hate the culture of equipment emphasis ;)

FETFAN: If you had to choose one lens to work with which one would it be and why?

David: I'm partial to wide aperture medium length prime lenses. The two I use most often both cost me less than $100 each.

FETFAN: What lighting equipment do you take on a shoot?

David: Generally, street lamps, parking garage lights, the sun, or a window. From time to time, I'll supplement with a cheap constant softbox or a flash light.

Model Jackie Lynn

FETFAN: Your photography stands out from many artists, how did you decide or discover this side of yourself as an artist?

David: I like to think I'm contributing to a culture of sexual liberation and sex positivity and fighting a culture of repression and shame. Contributing to a world where people love themselves is a big part of my mission statement. I unapologetically include strong sexual themes, sometimes even my own personal sexual inspiration, in my work. I want to tell the world that sexuality is just as much a part of the human experience as loss, or love, or happiness. And just as valid a basis for art.

Model Teagan

FETFAN: How much post production do you do on your images?

David: My goal is to clean up an image as much as possible with making it look processed.

FETFAN: What software do you use for editing your images?

David: A blend of Lightroom and Photoshop.

FETFAN: What inspires you to create such great imagery?

David: My love of the feminine as a philosophical and sociological concept. I'm in love with the very idea of womanhood and the mystery and awe it inspires in me. I shoot things other than female portraiture from time to time, but it's certainly my main focus.

Model jessica

FETFAN: What is your favorite image you have recently created and can you give us an insight on its creation?

David: Without specifying the exact image, an image created out my feelings for a special somebody. The feelings are quite deep and personal. I'm certainly an artist first and a tradesman second. My work is often times intertwined with my personal life and thoughts and feelings at the time. :)

Models Lexi and Dave

FETFAN: Throughout your career I'm sure you have been to many different places, which has left an impression and what kind of project were you working on?

David: I just got back from a personal vacation in San Diego. The rocky beaches near there blew my mind. I'd love to return and do some artsy figure nudes on the rocks. I'm jealous of the photographers that live in the Pacific Northwest.

David: What talent would you like most to have?

David: The ability to separate professional criticism from my personal self image. Every artist has detractors, and I wish I was better at not taking it so personally. I have a big heart, and I'm actually a very emotional and sensitive guy.

Model Teagan

FETFAN: What is something you're still learning?

David: Everything.

FETFAN: What is something you consider to be overrated?

David: Equipment.

FETFAN: Is there anyone who has inspired your work?

David: I'd say my top influences as an artist are the Madonna SEX book and those weird Calvin Klein ads with the wood panel walls from the 90s. The idea of raw humanity unpolished and honest.

FETFAN: When at a photoshoot, what do you love most about the experience and what do you find challenging as an artist?

David: Helping somebody feel beautiful, sexy, desirable. It's why I do what I do. There's no better reward, and that's what I love most. Maintaining focus and not going into an artistic frenzy might be one of my biggest challenge.

Model Teagan

FETFAN: How would you best describe yourself using just 3 words?

David: Question too hard :-p

FETFAN: As an artist I'm sure there are many art forms you enjoy photographing. Can you share which ones you enjoy the most.

David: Female portraiture. Because of the awe and mystery and the opportunity to make a woman feel beautiful. I live for that.

FETFAN: Have you ever found an interest in Fetish Photography, and if so please share your favorite experience.

David: Ha, I shoot plenty. Watching a talented rope artist work for the first time was amazing. I'd seen rope before, but the first time I saw the motion and interpersonal dynamic, I was floored. I don't shoot a lot of rope, but it was amazing to see the first time I saw it.

Model Teagan

FETFAN: What photographic ambition have you not achieved yet?

David: Self satisfaction.

FETFAN: What advice would you give to someone who is considering a photography career?

David: Shoot what you love, not what you think people want. Never stop pushing that shutter button.

FETFAN: To your fans and followers any last words?

David: Goddamn. Thank you all so much. You have no idea what you mean to me.

Model Jackie Lynn

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